Old Skool Sessions

Selector Starkey along with DJ Chucks are both producers and DJs for Old Skool Sessions a long running radio show on WJFF 90.5fm. Starkey Industries produced both the website and radio show’s app. The website uses iMovie to produce it’s animated header. The website and Icecast streaming audio servers are on the Starkey Industries servers. Web services include web commerce, audio and video streaming. Audio archives are streamed from Amazon S3 servers.

Old Skool Sessions Website
Old Skool Sessions App
Old Skool Sessions Store

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Work Bio


Paul started in digital tech working with BBSes and BBS software. Some BBSes were the first to integrate public internet email and newsgroups. Started in the first wave of public internet access with Mindvox. Developed web pages with early Netscape browser releases. 

Though Mindvox IRC chat got a job with Time Inc/Sports Illustrated New Media department. Produced the weekly Sports Illustrated magazine and special issues such as SI Swimsuit with CompuServe, using proprietary markup for exclusive content. Worked directly with the magazine staff to produce the weekly SI magazine with markup and style for SI.com and SI partners. Produced content directly with Time Inc Pathfinder, Turner CMS, AOL Rainman CMS, and many other proprietary CMS systems. Ran online chats for AOL with SI Swimsuit models, SI writers and staff. Helped to produce special SI content including, SuperBowl, SI Swimsuit issues, multiple sports previews, Olympics and much more. Worked directly with multiple corporate ad partners and other Time Inc properties including Time, Money, Golf Magazine, SI for Kids, People and more.

Worked in Mobile technology and web services with EachScape. Built many apps as well as providing training and tech support. Worked directly with Disney, Time Inc, E!, Oxygen, Fox Business, Girl Scouts, Keeping up with Kardashians, Nivea, Gannett, CNET, SYFY, USA Today, NBC and many more. Built apps for 3 of the top radio programs in the country for Clear Channel including Coast to Coast and Ryan Seacrest’s AT Top 40.

Now working freelance with starkey.digital producing apps, websites, digital audio production and more.