Sports Illustrated

Work at Sports Illustrated was started as a hire to convert the  magazine content digitally to Compuserve markup using their proprietary CMS. This developed to producing the magazine content for the web as well as working on custom sporting event sections and sites. Work was done with almost every department of SI including writers, reporters, editors, ad dept, production and management etc. Other magazines included SI for Kids, Golf publications, SI Presents and more. Also worked with many content partners such as AOL, Turner, CNN and their custom CMS. Worked with Turner with both web and TV. Worked with Time Inc. IT for a variety of Time Inc services.


EachScape is web based environment to build, connect and manage cross-platform native mobile apps. Digital services with work at EachScape included app building, tech support, writing manuals, creating and narrating instructional videos, software training,  software development and bug testing. Experience in handhelds, tablets, set top box devices and associated technologies.

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