is a digital workshop. Services include…

☉ Technology Consultant
☉ Website building and maintenance
☉ Mobile handheld and tablet apps
☉ audio recording and production
☉ Live and on demand audio streaming
☉ Web development tutoring

Founded in 2018, is a digital workshop. Founder Paul Starkey has worked in digital media for many years. He worked for Sports Illustrated for 13 years in the SI online dept. Work was done with many Time Inc departments. Also worked with SI media partners like AOL, Turner, Compuserve and many other Fortune 500 companies. 

Starkey also worked with EachScape making apps for many of the major media companies including Clear Channel, Disney, Time Warner, Fox Business, E! Entertainment and many more. 

He also produces 2 shows for multiple FM radio stations and runs multiple streaming audio servers for both live and on demand audio streams.




Site Assistant