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READ MORE EachScape is web based environment to build, connect and manage cross-platform native mobile apps. Digital services with work at EachScape included app building, tech support, writing manuals, creating and narrating instructional videos, software training,  software development and bug testing. Experience in handhelds, tablets, set top box devices and associated technologies. ⚬ EachsScape Website Sports Illustrated November 2, 2017 READ MORE Work at Sports Illustrated was started as a hire to convert the  magazine content digitally to Compuserve markup using their proprietary CMS. This developed to producing the magazine content for the web as well as working on custom sporting event sections and sites. Work was done with almost every department of SI including writers, reporters,... BBS and Early Internet November 3, 2017 READ MORE Digital work was started as a hobbyist building BBS software. BSS services were the first to incorporate public internet. The second wave was small public internet access companies like Mindvox, Panix and the Well. ⚬ Bulletin Board Systems ⚬ Mindvox NASA November 3, 2017 READ MORE The first paying digital job was making forms for HTML pages that were going to be used to order widgets and parts for NASA's International Space Station. They were converting their software to HTML web pages. ⚬ International Space Station Compuserve November 3, 2017 READ MORE Sports Illustrated's weekly magazine was produced using a proprietary markup and CMS. Special events like World Series, Superbowl and SI Swimsuit were also posted on Compuserve. Online chats with SI writers and swimsuit models was moderated. Work was done SI editorial, publishing and layout, ad sales and business, other SI magazines such as SI Kids... AOL November 3, 2017 READ MORE AOL was a Time Inc partner/owner during digital work done at Sports Illustrated. Production was done on AOL, posting using their proprietary CMS called Rainman. Some claim this was the first online CMS. Special events like SI Swimsuit magazine and galleries, Superbowl and others. Online chats were moderated and administered with SI writers and Swimsuit... Giant Studios November 3, 2017 READ MORE Giant Studios was a music studio that was at several locations in NYC. Paul Starkey worked and then co-owned the studio. Starkey Industries created a website in tribute. The website is a customized Wordpress template. The front animations were created with iMovie. The website is served out from the Starkey Industries server. ⚬ Giant Studios Website Bosco November 3, 2017 READ MORE Starkey Industries produced Bosco's first and second album releases. Most of the songs were produced with digital production tools for DAW, sampling, VST instruments and effects. The Bosco website was produced also by Starkey Industries. The animated site header was made in iMovie and served out by YouTube. It uses a customized Wordpress template. This... Time Inc. November 3, 2017 READ MORE Sports Illustrated was located on 3 floors in the Time Inc building in midtown Manhattan. Production work over the years at SI was done from the sub basement with all the Time Inc archives to other Time Inc magazine partners on other floors like Fortune, SIP, SI for Kids and more. Time Inc partner ventures... Turner November 3, 2017 READ MORE Turner was both partner and then same company after purchase of Time Inc. Production work was done with many Turner departments including their sports department that handled all the CNN sport news and special event sites as well as sports teams owned by Turner among other properties. Also work with Turner IT. Using various Turner... WJFF November 3, 2017 READ MORE WJFF Radio Catskill 90.5FM is a radio station located in upstate NY. Paul Starkey does a show called Old Skool Sessions. Starkey Industries produced both the stations website and their app. It also developed HTML5 streaming players along with other tech. The website is a customized Wordpress template. It uses PHP web services for archives... DJ Chucks November 3, 2017 READ MORE Selector Starkey works with DJChucks producing, cohosting and spinning music for Old Skool Sessions on WJFF 90.5FM. Starkey Industries produced the DJ Chucks website. The website for DjChucks is a customized Wordpress template. It has an HTML5 chatroom. It uses streaming technologies of an Icecast audio server. Both the audio server and the website are... Old Skool Sessions November 3, 2017 READ MORE Selector Starkey along with DJ Chucks are both producers and DJs for Old Skool Sessions a long running radio show on WJFF 90.5fm. Starkey Industries produced both the website and radio show's app. The website uses iMovie to produce it's animated header. The website and Icecast streaming audio servers are on the Starkey Industries servers.... Antenna International November 3, 2017 READ MORE Antenna is one of EachScape's major clients. They are the number one provider for all the major museum and event site tour guides. They are located internationally and in Museum locations. Their client list includes the British Museum, Alcatraz Tour, Empire State Building, Harry Potter Museum an much more. They have used the EachScape software... Disney November 3, 2017 READ MORE Disney was an EachScape client. The Disney programmers were trying out the software and made several apps based on internal programmer and Disney technology conventions. They made most of their apps in HTML, Javascript and other web based tech. Several feature requests were developed and tested in both Android, iOS handheld and tablet devices. Clear Channel November 3, 2017 READ MORE Clear Channel is an EachScape client. Apps were produced for 3 of their top radio shows. Interacted with Clear Channel producers, management, engineers and designers. Maintained the apps over a period of years. Made changes to graphics and sections. Did bug testing and fixing on handhelds and tablets. ⚬ Coast to Coast ⚬ American Top 40 ... E! November 3, 2017 READ MORE Production, maintenance and bug/fix testing was done on several E! mobile and tablet apps. Worked closely with E! managers, engineers and designers. ⚬ E! News ⚬ Kardashians App ⚬ The Fashion Police Oxygen November 3, 2017 READ MORE For a couple of years production work was done on the handheld and tablet Oxygen iOS and Android apps. Adding and removing sections. Changing out data feeds. Bug and fix testing. ⚬ Oxygen Girl Scout Cookies November 3, 2017 READ MORE Production on iOS and Android app for several years. Changing out sections. Adding and removing cookies each season. Bug and fix testing. Changing out data sources. Facebook and Twitter integration. App provisioning on iOS and Android. Worked with Kellogg managers and designers. ⚬ Cookie Locator Food Network November 3, 2017 READ MORE Helped with production and development of a couple of Food Network iOS and Android apps. Bug and fix testing. Data source testing. Worked with Food Network management. ⚬ Food Network Gulliver's Travels November 3, 2017 READ MORE The first customized Wordpress template produced by Starkey Industries. Making a book reader out of Wordpress. Site is hosted on the Starkey Industries server. Site is hosted on the Starkey Industries servers. ⚬ Gulliver's Travels Book The James Brown SuperFan Club November 3, 2017 READ MORE Paul Starkey has been a vinyl record collector for many years. One of the collections is James Brown vinyl 45 and LP recordings. This website is a catalog of James Brown's discography. The website is a customized Wordpress template. It's hosted on the Starkey Industries servers. ⚬ James Brown SuperFan Web Commerce November 3, 2017 READ MORE Worked with EachScape engineers incorporating Shopify into iOS and Android apps. Also the Starkey Industries website uses eCommerce and can process PayPal, USPS and UPS. ⚬ OSS Store The Strictly Rockers Reggae Show November 3, 2017 READ MORE Starkey Industries produces a weekly hour show for WIOF Woodstock 104.1 FM and WFTE 90.3 FM Mount Cobb, 105.7 FM Scranton PA. The website was produced by Starkey Industries as is the streaming audio server. The website and the streaming Icecast audio server are hosted on the Starkey Industries servers. ⚬ Show Website ⚬ Streaming Audio Streaming Audio November 3, 2017 READ MORE Starkey Industries has worked with streaming audio for many years. 2 Icecast servers and one Shoutcast server are all hosted on the Starkey Industries servers. Streaming HTML audio was developed for the WJFF website. ⚬ OSS Radio ⚬ Reggae Radio ⚬ Live Streaming Server CNET November 3, 2017 READ MORE Production was done on a series of mobile HTML5 ad partners to CNET. Adding and removing product sections to the app. Changing out text, links and data sources. Software training to CNET staff members. Interaction with producers, engineers and management at CNET. ⚬ CNET Scholastic November 3, 2017 READ MORE Freelance work was done for a year or so for Scholastic. Raw text, images and navigation graphics were sized, linked and formatted into templates provided by Scholastic. ⚬ Scholastic Nine West November 3, 2017 READ MORE Production and development was done on an iPad app for internal Nine West sales. Feature and bug testing and fixes. Some maintenance for app changes. ⚬ Nine West Farm and Country - Nov. 23 November 14, 2017 READ MORE Radio Chatskill - Nov. 2 November 14, 2017 READ MORE

Work Bio


Paul started in digital tech working with BBSes and BBS software. Some BBSes were the first to integrate public internet email and newsgroups. Started in the first wave of public internet access with Mindvox. Developed web pages with early Netscape browser releases. 

Though Mindvox IRC chat got a job with Time Inc/Sports Illustrated New Media department. Produced the weekly Sports Illustrated magazine and special issues such as SI Swimsuit with CompuServe, using proprietary markup for exclusive content. Worked directly with the magazine staff to produce the weekly SI magazine with markup and style for SI.com and SI partners. Produced content directly with Time Inc Pathfinder, Turner CMS, AOL Rainman CMS, and many other proprietary CMS systems. Ran online chats for AOL with SI Swimsuit models, SI writers and staff. Helped to produce special SI content including, SuperBowl, SI Swimsuit issues, multiple sports previews, Olympics and much more. Worked directly with multiple corporate ad partners and other Time Inc properties including Time, Money, Golf Magazine, SI for Kids, People and more.

Worked in Mobile technology and web services with EachScape. Built many apps as well as providing training and tech support. Worked directly with Disney, Time Inc, E!, Oxygen, Fox Business, Girl Scouts, Keeping up with Kardashians, Nivea, Gannett, CNET, SYFY, USA Today, NBC and many more. Built apps for 3 of the top radio programs in the country for Clear Channel including Coast to Coast and Ryan Seacrest’s AT Top 40.

Now working freelance with starkey.digital producing apps, websites, digital audio production and more.