Starkey Industries is a digital workshop run by Paul Henshaw aka Paul Starkey. This website features a sampling of some of the digital work done in both web and mobile technologies.

A digital career started by building BBS software as a hobbyist and an early adopter of public internet.  Corporate work started with a freelance job working for NASA that lead to a job working for Sports Illustrated for 14 years. Through SI work was done with media partners like AOL, Turner and Time Inc among others. Mobile tech skills were developed working for a company called EachScape. They worked with all the major media companies, as well as small companies and individuals. developing for mobile apps, IOS, Android, HTML5 and set top box devices like Amazon FireRoku and others.

Starkey Industries provides a variety of digital services.
☉ Technology Consultant
☉ Website building and maintenance
☉ WordPress development
☉ HTML and CSS tutoring
☉ Web development tutoring