Old Skool Sessions

Selector Starkey along with DJ Chucks are both producers and DJs for Old Skool Sessions a long running radio show on WJFF 90.5fm. Starkey Industries produced both the website and radio show’s app. The website uses iMovie to produce it’s animated header. The website and Icecast streaming audio servers are on the Starkey Industries servers. Web services include web commerce, audio and video streaming. Audio archives are streamed from Amazon S3 servers.

Old Skool Sessions Website
Old Skool Sessions App
Old Skool Sessions Store

DJ Chucks

Selector Starkey works with DJChucks producing, cohosting and spinning music for Old Skool Sessions on WJFF 90.5FM. Starkey Industries produced the DJ Chucks website. The website for DjChucks is a customized WordPress template. It has an HTML5 chatroom. It uses streaming technologies of an Icecast audio server. Both the audio server and the website are hosted on the Starkey Industries servers.

DJ Chucks Website